We took quality control to the next level by using the coolest portable digital microscope to assess each and every ponytail - Learn more about IoLight here.


We don't leave any details to chance. We travel to hand pick our stock in the country of origin to have maximum control over quality. All of our extensions are lovingly hand made.


Integrity means being honest when no one’s watching. Transparency means that we don’t mind if you do. We update you on our daily operations and sourcing trips, so you’ll feel as confident about the quality of our products as we do.

The Hair

Niche Hair Lab was born out of the desire to make shopping online for premium quality virgin hair less intimidating. When we first started wearing extensions, we had our fair share of hair extension fiascos! There’s nothing worse than hair that gets crazy tangled after a few washes or unexpectedly changes colour and texture. We thought this kind of high-maintenance, unpredictable hair was just the price we had to pay to achieve the look we wanted.

But that changed about seven years ago when we first came across real Russian hair. Russian hair is regarded as the highest quality human hair on the market, but the term is thrown around quite casually. Even if the hair is collected in Russia, which is rarely the case, it does not necessarily mean good quality. We know because we went there.

We source hair from Russia and Ukraine, so we call it Slavic hair.

The hair comes in natural textures and colours, from light blonde to dark brown. It is the most popular choice for women with fine hair or who want their extensions custom dyed.

After repeated requests from stylists, we have just introduced our coloured range with 40+ colours. We offer weft, tape-in, clip-in, and pre-tipped hair for micro ring application. For information on other extension methods and custom pieces, please visit our Bespoke section. All of our extensions are hand made using the best virgin hair we can find.

Virgin Slavic Hair in various natural shades from light blonde to dark brown

Our Values

Launching Niche Hair Lab wasn’t an endeavour we took lightly. Lots of time and effort went into researching all the ingredients for our business model before it felt right. It had to align with our core values. We wanted to follow our passion, build an amazing company, and find a way to give back – and decided to do all this in a fair and responsible way.

Responsible sourcing is important.

To us, that means that the hair is sold by willing donors who are paid a fair price. Although women all over the world sell their hair to supplement income, it is way more common in poor regions, so giving back part of our profit to support projects in these areas is really important to us.

Our operation is small, and we like it that way. We are not interested in mass production. In fact, we’re conscious of the ecological costs of manufacturing on any scale, so we make sure that our hair extensions will last for years. If you are just looking for affordable hair to last a couple of months, you are in the wrong place. We put quality first.

It has taken us a long time to find the best sources – we have met 29 suppliers. We asked for references and numerous questions about their sourcing and manufacturing practices. It took time and some serious eye rolling - not on our part - till we narrowed down our list, but it was absolutely worth the effort.

The quality of our product is paramount; however, it is not the only non-negotiable factor.

We feel strongly about the importance of shared values, so we are picky about who we work with. This has served us incredibly well so far.

We are dedicated to empowering our customers and inspiring the industry and commited to make a positive impact. We are addressing our environmental footprint by using eco-friendly packaging and carbon-neutral shipping. 10% of our profits go to support initiatives in Russia and Ukraine.  

The Team

Timi (left) and Ame (right) - co-founders of Niche Hair Lab

Oh you scrolled this far down, we take it you are still interested. Thank you.

Hi, we are Ame and Timi, co-founders of Niche Hair Lab.

Having worked for years in private health care management, we learned an awful lot about customer care and innovation; however, we realised that our obsessive attention to detail was somehow wasted in that industry, so off we went. Talking about pulling a one-eighty, right?

We’re both beauty junkies and suspected carriers of the wanderlust gene (Google it, it’s a thing), so the decision to create a hair extension brand and to source the hair ourselves proved to be a perfect match for us.

We wanted to see if we could offer something different from how hair extensions were sold online.

To us, a boutique brand is all about your experience as a whole, and we are committed to go above and beyond in order to deliver that to you.

Why? Because reputation is everything and we cannot afford to take you for granted.

As Niche Hair Lab continues to grow, our vision for the brand remains the same. Thanks for following along and listening to our story; we are so glad you’re here.

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